Exterior Painting

exterior painting rossendale

Are you looking to breathe new life into a tired exterior, looking to maintain and extend the life of your home or business premises or to improve its appearance prior to selling?

I can revive and revitalise worn exteriors using fundamental painting techniques. Preparation is the key to a good paint finish. Sanding, priming, filling – I get the basics right to get an exceptional exterior paint finish.

Failed Exterior Masonry Paint Rossendale Lancashirerectifying failed masonry paint rossendale lancashireapplying masonry paint coat rossendale lancashiremasonry paint finish coat rossendale lancashire

Not only will you add value to your property but the top quality paints I use will help to protect your home against the worst of the wet and damp UK weather conditions.

Whether masonry, brick, pebble or something entirely different, thorough preparation will ensure an optimal finish and greater durability.

Site Preparation  – Driveways, paths and all surfaces at the base of the areas I am working on will be fully protected. Where necessary I will cut back foliage/climbing plants from wall surfaces or to enable access. Flower beds, plants and shrubs will be covered with plastic sheeting where possible. Areas not being painted that require protection will be masked up.

Surface Preparation – I will clean the exterior ensuring I remove all dirt, mould and mildew and then remove all loose flaking paint and sand all woodwork. All holes, cracks and gaps will be filled using the appropriate filler and then sanded. Rotten and defective wood on doors and windows can be repaired cost effectively using my Repair Care system.

Painting – The areas of the house or commercial property that require it will be primed followed by the appropriate top coats.

Cleaning Up – A clean up will be carried out at the end of each work day including packing away and storing materials and equipment. A full clean up will be carried out upon completion of the overall job.

My goal is to deliver a high quality, reliable and professional exterior painting service.