Interior Painting

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I offer both a commercial and residential interior painting service, providing high quality and unobtrusive services. I treat each project with the same care and attention to detail.

When working on interior or exterior projects, the protection of my client’s property and possessions are an absolute priority. The requirements will be different for residential and commercial projects but the principals remain the same. I ask my clients to remove small or fragile items from the work area, or I can box these up and remove them from the work area.

Flooring is fully protected by non-woven or butyl drop cloths, lining paper, adhesive plastic roll or Correx corrugated sheeting. I do not use cotton twill dust sheets as these simply trap dust and still allow any spills to seep through to the floor covering underneath.

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All furniture is protected with plastic sheets. The door and window furniture will be removed or protected with low tack masking tape. When decorating ceilings, any hanging lights will be protected with plastic.

Meticulous preparation is essential to achieve an outstanding finish. All surfaces will be thoroughly sanded using my Festool dust free sanding system and hand sanders.

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For rectifying holes, gaps and cracks in interior walls I use the industry’s finest fillers from Toupret and Prestonett. Using the correct fillers for timber is also essential as timber will naturally expand and contract with the moisture content of the air. All gaps between walls, ceilings and trim are caulked.

The correct priming of surfaces is paramount in the preparation process because if the primer fails to adhere to the substrate then the top coats will also fail. I use the appropriate primers and knotting from Zinsser, Mylands, Classidur or Tikkurila.

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Any problems with water damage or damp can be rectified with specialist fungicides, primer/sealers and paints. The causes of any such problems should be rectified before any redecoration work is carried out.

In most cases your walls will be lined with quality grade lining paper to provide the ideal surface to accept your chosen paint. New plaster will be lightly sanded, cleaned off then mist coated (a watered down coat of emulsion that will soak into the plaster). Once the mist coat has dried any slight imperfections in the plaster coat can be filled and sanded. The surface is then ready for 2-3 full coats of emulsion. I recommend high quality paints from companies such as Little Greene, Mylands, Tikkurila, Earthborn, Fired Earth, Zoffany, Colortrend and Sanderson.

There is a wide choice when it comes to the top coats for woodwork and trim. The current trend is for eggshell or satin finishes but I can also apply a traditional gloss finish. Since 2010, when changes to the amount of VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) contained in solvent based paints were introduced, there have been issues with oil based paints yellowing quickly, particularly in areas that do not get much natural light. I tend therefore to recommend water-based paint finishes for woodwork and trim. Aside from being more eco-friendly and virtually odourless they also retain their colour.

All paints will be applied using the best quality paintbrushes, rollers, materials, equipment and the correct techniques.

Once all the interior painting and decoration has been completed the room/s will be thoroughly cleaned and all furniture moved back into position.

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