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Can You Paint UPVC Cladding

Can You Paint UPVC Cladding

The short answer to “can you paint UPVC cladding?” is yes.

There’s a good chance that you’ve arrived here after doing an online search. Probably for something like “how can you paint UPVC cladding?” or “how can you paint plastic house cladding?”

Well, we have been spray painting UPVC cladding for over 3 years. The advances in paint technology now means that materials such as plastic cladding can be successfully coated. Due to the exceptional adhesion of the paints we use we can confidently spray UPVC cladding, windows, doors, conservatories, fences, fascia and rainwater goods etc.

How Can You paint UPVC Cladding?

Spray painting plastic cladding starts with the correct preparation. We remove all the old silicone. Then clean down the surfaces with a solvent based cleaner and extra fine scotch pads. These pads help remove the dirt and grime and lightly abrade the surfaces without scratching the plastic.

We then mask off the surrounding stone/brick, glass and openings into rooms.

how can you spray paint upvc cladding

As well as the plastic cladding we spray painted the existing brown windows white on this house in Bury. A light dust coat of our specialist UPVC paint is applied. If any dirt or other contaminants are left on the plastic it will cause an adverse reaction with the paint. Once we are sure that no reaction has occurred we spray additional full coats until full coverage is achieved.

can you paint plastic house cladding

The paint dries quickly and after 15 to 45 minutes, depending on the temperature, we are able to remove the masking. We then re-seal around the frames with colour matched silicone.

upvc plastic house cladding painters sprayers

The most popular colours for spray painting cladding have been anthracite grey and black. However, the range of colours we can spray is practically endless. Choose from the RAL or British Standard colour charts or from major manufacturers like Dulux, Farrow and Ball etc.

Can You Paint UPVC Cladding