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Can You Paint UPVC Windows

Can You Paint UPVC Windows

The simple answer to “Can you paint UPVC windows and doors?” is a resounding YES!

Welcome to Fine Finish, your local UPVC spray painting specialists. We are a small family business comprising of Mark, the founder of the business, son Matthew and brother Neil.

can you paint upvc windows and doors

We specialise in the domestic market spray painting UPVC doors, windows, cladding, fascia, garage doors, conservatories and plastic fencing panels.

In the 1980’s UPVC (unplasticised polyvinyl chloride) took over from aluminium as the choice of material for double glazed window frames. At first your only choice of colour was white. This was followed by dark brown/mahogany. The problem with the old white windows is that they can now look very dull, dirty or yellowed. The dark brown windows simply look dated now.

Advances in technology now means that paint can be used on UPVC windows and doors. Our systems have been developed over the past 3 years and we are 100% confident in our specialist UPVC coatings.

How Can You Paint UPVC Windows?

The key to successful UPVC painting lies in the preparation.

  • Our first job is to remove any old silicone from around the window frames
  • Then we thoroughly clean and degrease the plastic using a solvent cleaner for old UPVC
  • The surfaces are abraded lightly with extra fine scotch pads to key them ready to accept the paint
  • The glass, rubber gaskets, surrounding brick/stone and openings into the rooms are fully masked off
  • A light dust coat of our specialist UPVC paint is applied. This will aversely react if any contamination remains on the surfaces.
  • Two further medium coats are applied
  • Masking is removed
  • Colour matched silicone is used to re-seal the frames

We can paint your UPVC windows grey, black, green, blue……the options are practically endless. You can choose colours from the RAL or British Standard colour charts. You can also choose colours from most of the major manufacturers like Dulux, Crown, Farrow and Ball etc.

We offer a full 10 year company guarantee on our work and coatings.

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Can You Paint UPVC Windows