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Can You Spray Paint A UPVC Conservatory

Can You Spray Paint A UPVC Conservatory

There’s a good chance that you have landed on our page here after putting in a search on Google. Probably for “can you spray paint a UPVC conservatory”, “how to paint a UPVC conservatory” or “local UPVC conservatory painters near me.”

We show up on Google because we have been spray painting UPVC conservatories for over 3 years. Also because we are good at it!

It is possible for you to paint your own conservatory with a brush using off the shelf products however the quality of finish and durability of the coating could be an issue. You may also have problems with access particularly to the roof. We use a specialist UPVC conservatory paint with outstanding adhesion, durability and protection against UV fading. It is applied using a professional compressor and spray gun set-up. This produces a high class factory finish.

How We Paint A UPVC Conservatory

We begin by removing the old silicone from around the frame. We then clean down all the plastic surfaces with a solvent based cleaner. This removes all the ingrained dirt and grime. Extra fine scotch pads are also used to clean the surfaces without scratching the plastic. The brick/stone, glass and anything not being sprayed is masked up. We then spray a light dust/mist coat of our specialist paint. If any contaminants remain the paint will react and further cleaning will be necessary. Once this light coat has dried without any adverse reaction a further 2 coats are applied. More coats may be needed depending on the old colour and the new colour being sprayed.

how can you spray paint a upvc conservatory

The paint dries quickly and depending on the temperature the masking can be removed after 15-45 minutes. The final job is to re-seal around the frames with colour matched silicone.

local upvc conservatory painters near me

We can spray your old brown or white conservatory. If you have had a new conservatory installed and decided you don’t like the colour we can spray that as well. We can also spray the inside of your conservatory.

Can You Spray Paint A UPVC Conservatory