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Can you spray paint white UPVC windows grey

Can you spray paint white UPVC windows grey

The short answer to “can you spray paint white UPVC windows grey” is a resounding YES!

As your local UPVC window spray painting specialists we have transformed hundreds of white UPVC windows from white to grey.

how can you spray paint white upvc windows grey

We are Fine Finish, a small family firm comprising of Mark (the founder), son Matthew and brother Neil and we specialise in spraying UPVC and kitchen cabinets. We started spraying UPVC 3 years ago and we have developed what we believe is one of the best professional UPVC spraying services available near you.

It is without doubt that over the past eighteen months we have sprayed white UPVC windows grey more than any other colour. The most popular colour by far has been anthracite grey RAL 7016. The photo above shows us stood outside a house that had white UPVC windows, doors and garage doors all round (see photos below).

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The owners had ordered a new front door in anthracite grey and asked us to spray everything else to match. It was a total of eighteen windows, two patio doors and two garage doors. As you can see below the transformation was amazing.

Can you spray paint white UPVC windows grey

Can you spray paint white UPVC windows grey

You are not restricted to just anthracite grey. We have sprayed UPVC doors and windows in agate grey, French grey, window grey and battleship grey to name a few.

Our process begins with the thorough cleaning of all the surfaces to be sprayed using a specialist solvent UPVC cleaner. We then remove any old silicone from around the frames as the paint won’t adhere properly to silicone. We then mask up the glass, surrounding brick/stone, openings into rooms and paths/furniture/plants etc. We spray our paint using a professional compressor and gravity spray gun set-up. A light dust or mist coat is applied initially. This will tell us if there is any residual contamination left on the surfaces. Once this has dried without any adverse reaction we spray a further two coats. Some colours may require three coats. After ten to twenty minutes the paint is touch dry and we then remove all the masking. The frames are re-sealed with new colour matched silicone. A final clean up sees the job completed.

Our work and coatings are guaranteed for 10 years.

To get a FREE quote for spraying your UPVC contact us today.

Can you spray paint white UPVC windows grey