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Kitchen Cabinet Spray Painters In Bury

Kitchen Cabinet Spray Painters In Bury Fine Finish

Welcome to our website. Hopefully you’ve arrived here after doing a Google search. Perhaps for ‘Kitchen Cabinet Spray Painters In Bury’, ‘Kitchen Cupboard Spraying In Bury’ or something similar. If you have, that’s great, it shows our online visibility is working.

We are professional paint sprayers specialising in the spraying of kitchen units and UPVC doors and windows.

Fine Finish is a small family business run by myself Mark together with my son Matthew and brother Neil.

Kitchen Cabinet Spray Painters In Bury

Kitchen Cabinet Spray Painters In Bury

We take great pride in our work and strive to achieve 100% customer satisfaction on every job we undertake. The quality of service we offer is reflected in our online reviews (see below).

Why Have Your Kitchen Cabinets Sprayed?

Your kitchen is probably the heart of your home and where you spend a large amount of time. A great looking kitchen therefore is a must. We can give you a new kitchen without having to pay new kitchen prices!

If you are happy with the layout of your existing kitchen why change it? If the carcass, cupboard doors and drawers are in good condition you’re good to go.

You may just want to freshen up the existing colour of your cabinets. Or, something completely different. Perhaps a two tone? We took the kitchen below from dark brown to grey and blue.

specialist kitchen cabinet sprayers in bury specialist kitchen cupboard sprayers in bury

What Colours And Finishes Are Available For Kitchen Cabinet Spraying?

You can choose practically any colour. There are standard colours in the RAL and British Standard charts. We can also colour match to most manufacturers including Farrow & Ball, Little Greene, Dulux, Crown, Johnstones etc.

In terms of finish we offer matt, satin or gloss. Probably the most popular finish is matt. This is not a matt finish like the emulsion paint on your walls. The coating we use on your kitchen cabinets is a completely smooth, flat finish which is easy to clean and maintain. The term matt just refers to the sheen level which is around 10%-15%. Our satin finish has a higher sheen level of 30%.

What Parts Of The Kitchen Cabinets Do You Spray?

We spray both the fronts and backs of the cupboard doors and drawers (unless you specify that you only want the fronts doing). With regard to the carcass we spray pretty much everything – end panels, cornices, plinths, kick boards, wine racks, basket racks etc. We don’t spray the insides of the cupboards but spray the leading/facing edges. We do however spray the interior of cupboards with glass doors.

What about new worktops, tiles and handles?

We don’t install worktops or tiles ourselves but can recommend tradesmen if required.

You may want to add new handles to complement your colour transformation. You could of course find handles that fit the existing holes. Alternatively, you may have found some new handles you love that are a different size to the current ones. No problem, we can fill the old holes prior to spraying You can fit the new handles yourselves, get a joiner in or we could do it for you (a small extra charge is made for this service).

How Long Does Spraying Kitchen Cabinets Take?

One of the great advantages of us spraying your cabinets compared to total replacement with new is minimal disruption. In the majority of cases we only need one day in your home to spray the carcass due to the fast drying nature of our specialist coatings. If you have a very large kitchen it may run into two days. We then need the doors and drawer fronts for a further 5 days or so. In total it usually takes us around 7 days to complete. After we have sprayed the carcass you can use your kitchen as normal. You just need to take a bit of extra care for two to three days whilst the coatings are curing. You will be without doors and drawers for a few days but that is the only minor drawback.

Are There Any Kitchen Cabinets That Can`t Be Sprayed?

We haven`t come across one yet. No matter whether you have a solid wood, veneer, laminate, vinyl wrap or MDF kitchen we can usually spray it. You may even have a kitchen where the laminate has failed and we can restore and spray these.

What Is The Cost Of Kitchen Cabinets Spraying?

We have to price each kitchen individually. There are so many factors that have to be considered when working out a quote for spraying kitchen cabinets. How many cupboard doors and drawers are there in total? Are there cupboards with glass doors? Is there a pelmet and/or cornice? Is there an inbuilt wine and/or basket rack? How many end panels are there? Can we easily remove dishwasher/fridge doors? These are just a few of the things we have to take into account.


The coatings become touch dry extremely quickly. However they are still soft beneath the surface. They become hard dry and fully cured after 3 days. It is just a case of taking care over the first 2 to 3 days after the spraying has been completed.

We leave a small touch-up pot of paint with every customer in the unlikely event that a touch-up is needed. If major damage does occur then we can easily take a door or drawer away for respraying or respray an end panel for example.

Kitchen Cabinet Spraying Guarantee

Our company guarantees the paint and finish for 10 years.

There are certain instances where damage may occur but are beyond our control and scope of the guarantee. In these instances we can come out and rectify these for a reasonable charge.

Our aim is 100% customer satisfaction and we will discuss any problems in an honest and amiable fashion. We do not hide at the first hint of a problem but will deal with it quickly and efficiently.

Kitchen Cabinet Spraying Reviews

We are very proud of our reputation and our customer reviews reflect the quality of service we offer.

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painting decorating association customer reviews

We also have more reviews on our Google business page. Simply put ‘Fine Finish Rossendale’ into the search box and our details should come up.

Many of our kitchen cabinet spraying projects are detailed here on our website blog and on our Facebook page.

To get your FREE quotation contact us today.

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Kitchen Cabinet Spray Painters In Bury