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Pine Kitchen Units Spraying Transformation

Pine Kitchen Units Spraying Transformation

This is probably our favourite pine kitchen units spraying transformation.

The fantastic hand built bespoke pine kitchen cupboards are over 25 years old but in great condition.

The home owners were reluctant to change it in anyway as the layout still suited their requirements. It was just a case of giving it a more modern and fresh look.

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Pine Kitchen Units Spraying Transformation

Following our normal kitchen cabinet spraying procedure we work through the various processes.

The first step involves removing all the cupboard doors and drawers as these are to be taken away to the workshop. Each door and drawer is numbered so that they can all be returned to their original positions. The carcass is then thoroughly degreased and cleaned using a specialist cleaner. Once rinsed off and dried the next job is to lightly sand all the surfaces to be painted. Using our electric sander hooked up to the extractor ensures that dust is kept to an absolute minimum.

Once sanded the surfaces were given a wipe down with methylated spirits. Once this had quickly dried a final wipe over with tack cloths.

Two coats of primer are applied, sanding lightly in between coats with 320 grit pads. The primer had been tinted to the final colour.

Once the primer had been allowed the correct drying time it was lightly sanded again before the application of the first top coat. The customers had chosen a Farrow and Ball colour called Lamp Room Grey and the paint company we use had mixed our specialist paint to a perfect match. Further drying time, another light sand and the second and final coat was applied.

The same process was carried out to the cupboard doors and drawers in the workshop and then once dried brought back for refitting. New handles were also fitted to complete the transformation.

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