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Professional Kitchen Cupboard Spraying

Professional Kitchen Cupboard Spraying Fine Finish

We offer a professional kitchen cupboard spraying service throughout Lancashire, Greater Manchester and Cheshire.

Our emphasis is on customer service. From the initial enquiry right through to final completion of every kitchen cabinet spraying project. But it doesn’t stop there as we offer a full after care service at any time.

We have developed systems that keep mess and disruption to you the customer to an absolute minimum. The specialist coatings we use enable us to achieve high end factory finishes that are tough and durable.

Professional Kitchen Cupboard Spraying

How Much Does It Cost To Have Kitchen Cupboards Sprayed

We don’t have set prices for our professional kitchen cupboard spraying service. As you can imagine every kitchen is different and therefore require pricing accordingly.

As a general guide our prices range from £1000 to £3000. Some companies advertise being able to spray your kitchen in a day for half of what we would charge. It’s hard to understand how these jobs can include the thorough cleaning alone that is required?

Professional Kitchen Cupboard Spraying Process

We begin by drawing a plan of your kitchen, numbering each door and drawer.

professional kitchen cupboard spraying service

The cupboard doors and drawer fronts are then removed with the associated number being marked on each item. These are loaded into the van and taken away to our workshop.

professional kitchen cabinets spraying service

Preparation and masking

We then thoroughly clean and degrease the carcass using a specialist cleaner. All the surfaces to be sprayed are then lightly abraded using our dust free sanding system, sanding pads and fine scotch pads. After the thorough cleaning process we mask up the floor, openings into the cupboards/drawers, worktops, tiles and walls.

To achieve the best possible finish we use an air assisted airless spray system. A light dust coat of our specialist high adhesion primer is applied. If any contaminants remain on the surfaces of the carcass an adverse paint reaction will occur. Once we are sure that there are no contaminants remaining a second coat of primer is applied. After allowing for the required drying time the primer is lightly de-nibbed and then wiped over with tack rags to remove any dust.

We have our top coat matched to whatever colour the customer chooses. Two coats are then applied with a light sanding in between coats.

Once dry we remove all the masking. The carcass is then complete. This process is typically completed in a day. For larger kitchens it could run into two.

Back at our workshop we run through the same process on the cupboard doors and drawer fronts. In this example we were fitting new handles which were a different size to the originals. We therefore filled all the existing handle holes prior to spraying. Once primed, filled where required and sprayed the doors and drawers are stored in the drying room.

A couple of days later we return to re-fit everything and add the new handles.

What colour can I choose?

You can choose practically any colour. There are standard colours in the RAL and British Standard charts. We can also colour match to most manufacturers including Farrow & Ball, Little Greene, Dulux, Crown, Johnstones etc.

In terms of finish we offer matt, satin or gloss.

What about new worktops, tiles and handles?

We don’t install worktops or tiles ourselves but can recommend tradesmen if required. As mentioned in the kitchen spraying example above we can fit new handles but these will need to be supplied by yourselves.


The coatings become touch dry extremely quickly. However they are still soft beneath the surface. They become hard dry and fully cured after 3 days. It is just a case of taking care over the first 2 to 3 days after the spraying has been completed.

We leave a small touch-up pot of paint with every customer in the unlikely event that a touch-up is needed. If major damage does occur then we can easily take a door or drawer away for respraying or respray an end panel for example.

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You can see lots of before and after photos of other kitchen spraying jobs we have completed. You can find them here on our website and our Facebook page.

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