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UPVC Spraying

UPVC Spraying Our UPVC spraying service uses the latest paint technology

Our UPVC spraying service uses the latest paint technology to transform UPVC doors, windows, fascia and conservatories.

Perhaps you would just like to freshen up white UPVC which is looking tired, dull or yellowing? Maybe you fancy a complete change of colour?

UPVC Spraying Procedure

The process initially involves protecting flooring, walls and furniture if working internally. Outside we remove garden furniture, cover plants and paving.

The paint sticks to any rubber weather seals but if silicone has been used this is removed as the paint will not adhere to it. A new silicone seal is then re-applied once the windows have been painted.

The plastic itself and brick/stone surrounds are then dusted and cleaned off. The surfaces to be painted are then lightly abraded. Finally, a specialist surface cleaner is used to ensure that all contaminants are removed.

As we spray the paint to produce a flawless finish all the glass, areas surrounding the frames and openings into rooms are masked off.

UPVC Spraying
UPVC Spraying

A light dusting is sprayed on to the plastic to check that all contaminants have been removed and then 2 coats are sprayed to give full and even coverage.

The paint dries very quickly allowing the masking to be removed after only 5-10 minutes.

  • Choose practically any colour
  • Gloss, satin, matt, pearlescent or metallic finish
  • A fraction of the cost of replacing
  • Minimum disruption

To show the complete faith we have in this new UPVC spraying system we decided that the first job to be completed would be at Mark’s own house. You can read about it here on our Can You Change The Colour Of Your UPVC Windows blog post.

You can see photos and read about some of the other jobs we’ve completed on our blog.

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