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Composite Door Spraying

Composite Door Spraying Fine Finish

We offer a professional composite door spraying service throughout Lancashire, Manchester and Cheshire.

Fine Finish is a small family business comprising of myself, Mark, my son Matthew and brother Neil. We specialise in spraying composite doors, UPVC doors/windows and kitchen cabinets.

professional composite door spraying service

We always strive to achieve 100% customer satisfaction and our 5 star online reviews (see below) reflect the service we offer.

Why Would You Spray A Composite Door?

Composite doors were developed to overcome some of the shortfalls experienced with UPVC doors i.e. security, durability and weather resistance (fading). They are marketed as maintenance free apart from a wipe over and an oiling of the hinges every now and then.

Claims about them not fading however have proved to be false as we are being asked regularly to provide quotes for spraying a composite door that has faded. This is the main reason that we are being asked to spray them.

spraying faded composite doors

The second reason is to change the colour of a composite door. We were asked by a local door fitter to spray the door below in a Dulux blue colour. It was a brand new door which hadn’t been fitted yet. The customer had chosen a blue from the standard colour range on offer but didn’t like it so chose her own colour. We had our specialist paint mixed to the Dulux blue that she liked and sprayed the door in our workshop.

specialist composite door spraying near me

The most common requests are for doors that are currently golden oak, dark brown or white and for us to spray them grey. The most popular colour has been anthracite grey.

The brand new composite door and frame above should have been both anthracite grey on the inside as well as the outside. The window company messed up the order and made it in white on the interior. We were asked to spray it in anthracite grey.

professional composite door spraying

The above golden oak composite door was sprayed in a grey from the British Standard colour range BS02A11.

The new owners of the cottage above weren’t keen on the dark green door. They asked us to spray it in a Farrow & Ball colour called Cooking Apple Green.

How Can You Spray Paint A Composite Door?

We are able to paint composite doors by following the same stringent process that we use for spraying UPVC doors.

At the end of the day it purely boils down to carrying out thorough preparation and then using the correct coating for the surface.

How Do You Spray A Composite Door?

We can use the door below which we sprayed last year as an example to outline our process.

spraying a faded composite front door

The door is south facing so whenever there is some sunshine it hits the door from sunrise until mid afternoon. There is a canopy above the door and this protects the upper half of the door. That is why only the lower half has faded badly.

After removing the door handles, letterbox and weather strip we then remove the door from the frame. It makes it much easier to clean, mask up and spray the door when it is laid flat on a turntable.

respray composite front door

We clean the surface using a strong preparatory solvent cleaner. Then we abrade it lightly and remove any loose/flaking old paint. We brush it off and clean it once again.

The glass, edge of the door and reverse side are masked up to protect against overspray. The door is now ready for spraying.

A light ‘dust coat is sprayed initially just to check that no contaminants remain on the surface. Once this has dried without any adverse reaction a further two coats are sprayed.

restoring the colour of a faded composite front door

After 30 to 45 minutes the paint is dry and the masking is removed. The door is re-hung and the handles, letterbox and weather strip put back on.

composite door sprayers

Composite Door Spraying Colours and Finish

If you are replacing your door with a new one you are restricted to the limited colour range on offer. Our composite door painting service enables you to choose practically any colour. Colours are available from the RAL and British Standard colour charts.

We can also colour match to colours from most paint manufacturers including Farrow & Ball, Dulux, Little Greene, Crown, Johnstones etc.

You can choose a matt, satin or gloss finish. The most popular finish at the moment is matt.

What Is The Cost Of Composite Door Spraying?

We have to price each job individually. As you can imagine a number of factors have to be taken into account. The condition of the door, does any damage need repairing, how dirty, access, are we spraying the frame as well etc?

To give you an idea of cost the door in the photos above would have been priced at £250 but this is a fraction of the cost of having a new coloured UPVC door supplied and fitted.

Composite Door Spraying Guarantee

Our company guarantees the paint against peeling, flaking and fading for 10 years.

There are certain instances where damage may occur but are beyond our control and scope of the guarantee. For example the door being caught whilst bringing furniture into the house. We can come out and rectify this for a reasonable charge.

Our aim is 100% customer satisfaction and we will discuss any problems in an honest and amiable fashion. We do not hide at the first hint of a problem but will deal with it quickly and efficiently.

Composite Door Spraying Reviews

We are very proud of our reputation and our customer reviews reflect the quality of service we offer. Click on the boxes below for each set of reviews:

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We also have more reviews on our Fine Finish Google business page HERE.

Many of our UPVC window spraying projects are detailed here on our website blog and on our Facebook page.

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