frequently asked questions about upvc spraying

Frequently Asked Questions About UPVC Spraying

1) How Long Does UPVC Spraying/Painting Last?

The answer to this question is down to two factors:

a) how well the surfaces of the UPVC doors and windows are prepared prior to spraying/painting them and

b) the type of paint used.

It is imperative that the surfaces are thoroughly cleaned using a solvent based cleaner. We use separate cleaning agents depending on whether we are spraying old or new UPVC. Extra fine scotch pads are used to apply the cleaner which also help to provide a key for the UPVC paint but without scratching the plastic. There may well be many years worth of dirt, grime and other contaminants on the surface of the plastic and all of these need to be removed before any paint is applied.

If you try using an off the shelf DIY type paint you should not be surprised when it starts to fail within 6 to 12 months. We use a 2 pack polyurethane coating which offers excellent durability and hardness coupled with high adhesion. It is also very flexible allowing it to cope with expansion and contraction of the plastic during high/low temperatures. It also contains UV additives protecting it against excessive fading.

We offer our own 10 year company guarantee on the coating unlike other companies who are simply offering the guarantee from the paint manufacturer themselves (which in a lot of cases can be worth less than the paper it’s written on).

We offer a guarantee of 10 years but would expect our UPVC spraying/painting to last far in excess of that.

(Before I started to offer a UPVC spraying service to customers I sprayed our own windows at home (see below). This was over 3 years ago and they still look as good today as the day I sprayed them.)

how long does upvc spraying painting last

2) Can UPVC Windows Be Sprayed?

One of the most common questions we are asked is “can UPVC windows be sprayed or painted?” The short answer is yes, you can spray paint UPVC windows and doors as long as you carry out thorough preparation and use the correct coating.

Advances in paint technology and cleaning agents means that most surfaces can now be successfully sprayed or painted and UPVC is one of them.

We have been spraying UPVC windows and doors on domestic properties throughout Lancashire, Greater Manchester and Cheshire for over 3 years. Our systems and the paint we use have been refined and developed enabling us to put our own 10 year company guarantee on our workmanship and coating (most companies only offer a guarantee from the manufacturer of the paint they are using not from themselves and this is quite often not worth the paper it’s written on).

In addition to UPVC we can spray composite and glass reinforced plastic.

can upvc windows be sprayedhow can upvc windows be sprayed

3) What is UPVC Spraying?

UPVC spraying is carried out to either:

a) restore the existing colour which may have faded or

b) change the colour

Old white UPVC doors and windows fade and yellow over time. We have re-sprayed hundreds of old white UPVC doors and windows to re-vitalise them. Our specialist coating not only restores the colour but also protects the door and/or window from UV light fading and prolongs its life.

UPVC spraying is also carried out to change the colour of existing doors and windows. Homeowners are becoming tired of the old fashioned looking brown and white and looking to change their colour entirely.

The fashion over the past couple of years has been to spray both brown and white doors and windows anthracite grey (RAL7016). This has and still is the most popular choice of colour when re-spraying UPVC.

The choice of colours however is practically endless. Other popular choices are Chartwell Green, Black, Cream, Window Grey to name just a few.

Our UPVC spray painting service is available throughout Lancashire, Greater Manchester and Cheshire.

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4) How Much Does It Cost To Have UPVC Windows Sprayed?

When we get talking to customers about our UPVC spraying service one of the first questions they ask is “how much does it cost to have UPVC windows sprayed?”

There are a number of factors which have to be taken into account:

a) the size of the window
b) the condition of the window
c) are any repairs required
d) how much cleaning is required
e) how much silicone needs to be removed
f) what is access to the window like

All of the above will have a bearing on the price we charge.

However, to give an idea of price a standard sized UPVC window will cost around £150 to be sprayed and a large bay window around the £300 mark.

These prices are much lower than the prices you would pay to completely replace old with new. So, if your window frames and glass are in good condition then having them sprayed is a much more cost effective option.

Ask us to give you a quotation. It’s FREE so you have nothing to lose.

how much does it cost to have upvc windows sprayed

5) Can You Spray White UPVC Windows Grey?

Probably the most popular colour change we have been asked to carry out over the past couple of years has been to spray white UPVC windows grey.

To be more exact anthracite grey (RAL7016).

Installing anthracite grey doors and windows seems to have become the in thing for new builds. This has transferred over to the old housing market where we have been able to offer our UPVC spraying service to change the colour of existing doors and windows to anthracite grey.

If your existing white window frames and glass are in good condition then it makes sound financial sense to have us spray them grey rather than replace them with new. You can save up to 80% of the cost of new replacements by having them sprayed.

With our 10 year company guarantee you really can’t lose out.

can you spray white upvc windows grey

6) Can You Paint Over UPVC?

Yes, you can paint over UPVC.

We are specialists in spraying UPVC doors and windows and have been doing so for over 3 years throughout Lancashire, Manchester and Cheshire.

With the correct preparation and use of a specialist coating UPVC doors, windows, cladding, garage doors, fencing, fascia and conservatories can all be painted over.

We thoroughly clean all the surfaces to be sprayed using solvent based cleaning solutions removing months and in many cases years of mould, dirt and grime. We have a choice of cleaners depending on whether the UPVC is new or old. Using xtra fine scotch pads we also lightly abrade the surfaces without scratching them.

We then mask up the glass, openiongs into rooms and surrounding brick/stone/render.

A fine mist coat of our UPVC coating is applied (to check if there are any contaminants remaining ob the plastic surfaces) followed by 2 further full coats.

Once dry the masking is removed. The frames are then re-sealed using colour matched silicone.

The coating is touch dry after 15-30 minutes but takes a full 7 days to fully cure. Once cured it becomes a very hard, durable coating with high adhesion.

We have 100% faith in our coating enabling us to offer our own 10 year company guarantee against peeling, flaking and excessive fading.

can you paint over upvc

how can you paint over upvc

7) Can You Change Brown UPVC Windows To White?

Yes, you can change brown UPVC windows to white and it is something which we have done a lot of.

Although brown UPVC windows used to be very popular they have now become out of fashion, looking tired and dated.

Using our tried and tested UPVC spraying system we can transform your dark and dreary brown windows into fresh and modern looking white windows and all at a fraction of the cost of totally replacing with new.

You will find many examples of our work on our blog.

can you change brown upvc windows to white

how can you change brown upvc windows to white

8) Can You Paint A UPVC Door?

Yes, you can paint a UPVC door.

We are specialists in paint spraying UPVC doors and have developed a system over the past 3 years enabling us to spray them in practically any colour to a factory finish.

can you paint a upvc door

Most UPVC doors have a central ‘floating’ panel which expands and contracts with variations in temperature. If we sprayed the door with this panel in place it could leave a white line around the outer edge as the plastic contracts. We therefore remove the panel, spray it fully and then replace it.

how can you paint a upvc door

spraying painting a upvc door

All the plastic is thoroughly cleaned using a solvent cleaner specifically for old UPVC. As you can see from the above photos lots of dirt and grime builds up over the months and years and all this has to be removed.

We then spray a fine mist coat on. This will react adversely if there are any contaminants left on the surfaces. Once all is fine we then spray 2 full coats of our specialist UPVC paint.

The coating offers excellent hardness, durability, adhesion and has the flexibility to cope with temperature fluctuations. It also contains UV protection against excessive fading.

can you paint over a upvc door

Although the most popular colour choice is anthracite grey we can spray your UPVC door in colours from most manufacturers and from the RAL and British Standard colour charts.

9) Can You Spray A Faded Composite Door?

Yes, it is possible to spray paint a faded composite door.

Even though these doors were designed not to fade we are increasingly being asked to re-spray composite doors that have faded badly.

can you spray a faded composite door

The bottom of this brown composite door gets the sun for over half the day and as you can see has faded badly. We removed all the door furniture and then removed the door itself to spray it flat.

We cleaned the door with a solvent cleaner, sanded off all the loose and flaking coating and cleaned it again.

can you spray paint grp composite external front doors

After masking up the glass, edges and back of the door we sprayed it with our specialist coating. For composite door painting we always use a 2 pack polyurethane paint. This has superior adhesion, hardness and durability. It also has the flexibility to cope with temperature changes and UV protection additives against excessive fading.

can you paint over grp composite front doors

After allowing the 3 coats to dry the masking was removed, the door re-hung and the furniture re-fitted.

can you paint composite external front doors

As you can see the result is fantastic. We can spray paint your composite door to a factory finish in colours from most manufacturers and from the RAL and British Standard colour charts.

10) Can You Spray UPVC And Composite Front Doors?

Yes, you can spray paint both UPVC and composite garage doors. In addition to these types of doors we can also spray aluminium, metal, fibre glass and grp garage doors. Plus we can spray them no matter whether they are up and over, roller or swing doors.

can you spray paint upvc and composite garage doors

If the garage door is in good condition we clean it thoroughly with a solvent cleaner to remove all the dirt and grime. This includes the bottom edge and sides. If there are defective areas we remove all loose and flaking bits and then sand/feather out to a hard edge before cleaning.

We then mask off the surrounding brick, floor and any gaps into the interior of the garage. If the handle is not being painted we mask that off also.

painting upvc composite garage doors

We spray the door with 3 coats of our specialist coating making sure that we also include the bottom and sides.

garage door spraying service near me

When the coating has become touch dry we remove all the masking and do a final clean up of the area. If we have also sprayed the frame we will re-seal with colour matched silicone.

spraying upvc composite garage door cost

We can spray your UPVC or composite garage door in colours from most manufacturers and from the RAL and British Standard colour charts.