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UPVC Door Spraying

UPVC Door Spraying Fine Finish

Welcome. Hopefully, you have landed here on our page after searching on Google for ‘UPVC door spraying service near me’ or something similar.

We are a small family business consisting of myself Mark, my son Matthew and my brother Neil.

specialist UPVC door spraying near me

We specialise in spraying UPVC doors and windows and also kitchen units.

Although based in Rossendale we offer our professional UPVC door spraying service throughout Lancashire, Manchester and Cheshire.

We can spray your existing door to revive the existing colour if it has faded or change the colour completely. Our prices are competitive and will save you a small fortune over the cost of replacing your existing door with a new one.

How Can You Spray Paint A UPVC Door?

The same principles apply as with our UPVC window spraying service. It’s all down to the preparation and choice of paint.

Our preparation is meticulous and the specialist UPVC paint we have been using for over 2 years has never let us down.

How Do You Spray Paint UPVC Doors?

We normally prefer to take the door off where possible and work on it laid flat on a turntable.

upvc door spraying

UPVC doors consist of a frame with panels in the centre. There is a potential problem with them if you spray the doors as a whole. The panels can expand and contract with changes in temperature. Taking the door in the above photo as an example. It is going from white to window grey RAL7040. The panel below the glass could expand and contract and potentially leave a white band visible around the edge.

What we have to do therefore is remove the panel and spray it fully.

upvc door spraying near me

Once the panel has been removed we then take off the handle and letterbox.

upvc door spray paint


For the cleaning process we use a strong preparatory solvent cleaner for use on old UPVC. Using lint free cloths and extra fine scotch pads every bit of dirt and grime is removed from the plastic surfaces.

The scotch pads help to remove stubborn dirt but also lightly abrade the plastic without scratching it.


The glass and rubber gasket is masked up. We also mask up the interior side of the door to ensure that no overspray hits it during the spraying process.


The specialist UPVC spray paint we use is tough, durable, flexible and contains UV protection against fading.

A light ‘dust coat’ is sprayed on initially. This tells us if there are any contaminants remaining on the surface. If there are the paint will react adversely and these areas will require further cleaning. Once we are confident that the dust coat has not reacted we spray a further 2 coats. Once dry, which happens fairly quickly, the masking is removed, the panel re-fitted, and the handles and letterbox put back on.

The door is then re-hung.

We also sprayed the porch and windows on this property.

UPVC Door Spraying Colours and Finish

If you are replacing your door with a new one you are restricted to the limited colour range on offer. Our UPVC spray painting service enables you to choose practically any colour. Colours are available from the RAL and British Standard colour charts.

We can also colour match to colours from most paint manufacturers including Farrow & Ball, Dulux, Little Greene, Crown, Johnstones etc.

You can choose a matt, satin or gloss finish. The most popular finish at the moment is matt.

What Is The Cost Of UPVC Door Spraying?

We have to price each job individually. As you can imagine a number of factors have to be taken into account. The condition of the door, does any damage need repairing, how dirty, access, are we spraying the frame as well etc?

To give you an idea of cost the door in the photos above would have been priced at £195 but this is a fraction of the cost of having a new coloured UPVC door supplied and fitted.

UPVC Door Spraying Guarantee

Our company guarantees the paint against peeling, flaking and fading for 10 years.

There are certain instances where damage may occur but are beyond our control and scope of the guarantee. For example the door being caught whilst bringing furniture into the house. We can come out and rectify this for a reasonable charge.

Our aim is 100% customer satisfaction and we will discuss any problems in an honest and amiable fashion. We do not hide at the first hint of a problem but will deal with it quickly and efficiently.

UPVC Door Spraying Reviews

We are very proud of our reputation and our customer reviews reflect the quality of service we offer.

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We also have more reviews on our Google business page. Simply put ‘Fine Finish Rossendale’ into the search box and our details should come up.

Many of our UPVC window spraying projects are detailed here on our website blog and on our Facebook page.

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