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UPVC Window Spraying In Bury

UPVC Window Spraying In Bury Fine Finish

Welcome. There’s a good chance that you have arrived at our page after doing a Google search for ‘UPVC Window Spraying In Bury’, ‘UPVC Window Spraying Near Me’ or something similar.

Well, if you are looking for a well established and professional UPVC window spraying service and you live in Lancashire, Manchester or Cheshire we can help.

My name is Mark and I am the founder of Fine Finish. I have been a painter and decorator for over 30 years but began specialising in spraying kitchen units about 5 years ago and then included UPVC spraying 3 years ago.

It has grown into a small family firm as I have been joined by my son Matthew and brother Neil.

specialist UPVC window spraying near me

Mark (centre), Matthew (left) & Neil (right) – UPVC Window Spraying In Bury

It doesn’t matter whether you have just one window or a full house worth of windows. We are happy to give you a FREE quote.

We take great pride in offering the best customer service possible and achieving a high class factory finish.

How Can You Spray Paint UPVC windows?

You can spray paint UPVC windows successfully as long as you carry out the correct preparation and use coatings specific for the job.

The very nature of UPVC, being hard and shiny, leads people to think that paint won’t stick to it. But, paint technology has progressed in leaps and bounds and there aren’t many surfaces and materials nowadays that can’t be painted.

We have been using our specialist UPVC paint successfully for over 2 years and so having complete confidence in it we are happy to provide our own company 10 year guarantee.

How Do You Spray Paint UPVC Windows?

Our UPVC windows spraying process begins by taking out the opening windows.

how do you spray paint upvc windows

We see many other companies spraying windows with the opening windows left in place but we consider this bad practice. To clean the surfaces thoroughly, mask up correctly and apply even coats of paint requires their removal.

upvc window spraying in bury lancashire


We then remove any old silicone from around the frames as no paint will adhere to silicone. The gap between the brick/stone and the frame is brushed out to remove dirt/cobwebs and loose debris. Prior to spraying we will also blow compressed air into the gaps to get rid of any remaining debris.

silicone removal

Probably the most important part of the preparation process is the cleaning of the plastic. We use a strong preparatory cleaning solvent specifically designed for the cleaning of old UPVC. Using lint free cloths and extra fine scotch pads every inch of the surfaces to be sprayed are cleaned. Special attention is given to the welds where dirt and grime accumulates.

cleaning upvc windows with solvent cleaner


When we are happy that the surfaces are completely clean we mask up around the frames, the gaps into rooms and the glass. We also mask up any rubber gaskets/seals.


Our UPVC spraying equipment consists of a portable compressor, hose and professional spray gun. The tip in the spray gun is designed to spray an even coating of our specialist coating and leave a flawless factory finish.

upvc windows spraying equipment

Initially a light ‘dust coat’ is sprayed on to the plastic. This will tell us if there are any contaminants remaining on the surfaces. Once evident that no residues remain a further two coats are sprayed.

The paint dries quickly allowing us to remove the masking after 10 to 15 minutes normally. We then apply a bead of new colour matched silicone to re-seal the frames and re-fit the opening windows. After a final check and clean up the UPVC windows spraying process is complete.

UPVC Windows Spraying Colours and Finish

If you are replacing your windows with new you are restricted to the limited colour range on offer. Our UPVC spray painting service enables you to choose practically any colour. Colours are available from the RAL and British Standard colour charts.

We can also colour match to colours from most paint manufacturers including Farrow & Ball, Dulux, Little Greene, Crown, Johnstones etc.

upvc window spraying colour wedgewood blue

For example, the new owners of this stone cottage had replaced the old wooden front door with a new composite door in Wedgewood Blue. We had our UPVC paint colour mixed and sprayed the existing dark brown UPVC windows to match.

You can choose a matt, satin or gloss finish. The most popular finish at the moment is matt.

What Is The Cost Of UPVC Window Spraying?

We have to price each job individually. As you can imagine a number of factors have to be taken into account. The size of the window, does any damage need repairing, how dirty, access, excessive silicone removal/replacement etc.

To give you an idea of cost the windows in the cottage above were priced at £175 each to spray in the Wedgewood Blue but this is a fraction of the cost of having a new coloured UPVC window supplied and fitted.

Can You Spray The Inside Of UPVC Windows?

Yes, you can spray the interior of UPVC windows. We use exactly the same process and equipment as we use to spray the exterior of UPVC windows.

can you spray inside upvc windows

We recently sprayed 14 dark brown windows like the one above in an old farmhouse. The new owners felt that they made the rooms too dark and closed them in. We sprayed them in white matt and they looked like new and made a huge difference to each room.

spraying interior UPVC windows

UPVC Window Spraying Guarantee

Our company guarantees the paint against peeling, flaking and fading for 10 years.

There are certain instances where damage may occur but are beyond our control and scope of the guarantee. For example a window cleaner could scrape their ladder against a window sill. We can come out and rectify this for a reasonable charge.

Our aim is 100% customer satisfaction and we will discuss any problems in an honest and amiable fashion. We do not hide at the first hint of a problem but will deal with it quickly and efficiently.

UPVC Window Spraying Reviews

We are very proud of our reputation and our customer reviews reflect the quality of service we offer.

free index customer reviews

painting decorating association customer reviews

We also have more reviews on our Google business page. Simply put ‘Fine Finish Rossendale’ into the search box and our details should come up.

Many of our UPVC window spraying projects are detailed here on our website blog and on our Facebook page.

To get your FREE quotation contact us today.

UPVC Window Spraying In Bury