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Spraying A Faded Composite Front Door

Spraying A Faded Composite Front Door

This blog post is about us spraying a faded composite front door at a house in Rossendale, Lancashire.

Composite doors were designed to overcome the flaws encountered with singular material doors. One being their resistance to weathering.

spraying a faded composite front door

With some of the modern composite front doors it doesn’t seem to be the case particularly if they are south facing. We are seeing more of the type of fading you see in the front door above. The sun, when it’s out, hits the door for at least half the day. As there is a canopy above the door protecting the top half it is the bottom half of the door that suffers excessive fading. It should have been under guarantee but the company that installed it had gone out of business.

The owners had made enquiries with a couple of other spraying companies but had been told that they don’t spray composite doors. We are confident in our coatings and have no problem with spraying composite doors. They are flexible to cope with extremes of temperature and contain UV protection to combat the excessive fading as seen in this door.

Rather than paint their composite door in the same colour the homeowners wanted a complete change and went for traffic red RAL3001.

Rather than spray the door in-situ we removed it. When laid flat on a turntable it makes it much easier to clean, mask up and spray. Plus we don’t have to worry about masking up the frame and inside the hallway.

respray composite front door

Preparation and masking

After removing the door handle, letterbox and door knocker we cleaned it down with a solvent based cleaner. We then gave it a light sanding using fine scotch pads. A final brush over and wipe down with the cleaner and it was ready for masking up.

Composite Door Spraying

Using our specialist 2 pack UPVC paint we gave the door a light dust coat initially. This tells us if there are any contaminants left on the door. All was good so we gave the door a further 3 medium coats.

restoring the colour of a faded composite front door

Once dry we removed the masking, put the door furniture back on and re-hung it.

composite door sprayers

As you can see the door looks great and the customers are thrilled with it. They thought they were going to have to spend the best part of £1,000 to have a new door and frame installed. We saved them a small fortune.

You can find more before and after photos of other UPVC spraying projects here on our website and Facebook page.

Spraying A Faded Composite Front Door