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Spraying A UPVC Conservatory Interior

Spraying A UPVC Conservatory Interior

I was asked recently by a potential customer about spraying a UPVC conservatory interior. They had recently moved house and although they were pleased with the existing conservatory they felt that the dark brown plastic made it look gloomy.

spraying a upvc conservatory interior

upvc conservatory spraying rossendale

spraying brown upvc conservatory white

I explained that by using the latest in paint technology I could change the colour of their conservatory from brown to their chosen colour white. After explaining the process and giving them my price I was given the go ahead.

The first job was to cover the wooden floor. I then removed the four opening windows as it makes it easier to spray them flat. Once the floor was fully protected I removed all the existing silicone from around the frames. The next step involved fully cleaning, degreasing and abrading the UPVC. Starting with a vinyl cleaner I removed all dust and dirt. After rinsing off I then lightly sanded the surfaces to provide a key for the UPVC paint. The final step was to clean everything once again with a solvent based cleaner.

I then masked off the roof, glass, brickwork and patio doors.

The conservatory was then ready for spraying. I sprayed a fine mist coat initially as this reveals any contaminants still on the UPVC surfaces. Once done and there had been no adverse reaction to the mist coat I then sprayed two full coats of white satin HMG PVC17 paint leaving around an hour between coats.

Once the final coat had dried I removed all the floor protection, masking and re-fitted the opening windows. I then re-sealed all the frames with white silicone.

After a final clean the conservatory was ready for the owners.

Spraying A UPVC Conservatory Interior