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Spraying A UPVC Double Garage Door

Spraying A UPVC Double Garage Door

I was asked recently if I was interested in spraying a UPVC double garage door.

spraying a upvc garage door

Considering that it was the original garage door from when the house was built it was in excellent condition. It was covered with ingrained dirt and grime but there was no damage to it.

The customer wanted a change from the existing white to a Dulux colour called Tranquil Dawn. I had the specialist UPVC paint I use matched to this colour.


I started by brushing off all the loose dirt and cobwebs from around the frame, top, bottom and edges of the door and the surface of the door itself. Next I washed down the door with warm water, fine scotch pads and a strong cleaning solution. I then rinsed and wiped it clean with microfibre cloths. This removed all the surface dirt. I then wiped it down to get it as dry as possible.

upvc garage door sprayers near me

The next step involved masking up. The contents of the garage were covered with plastic sheeting and the floor with dust sheets. Masking paper was applied to the brickwork at the sides and the soffit/fascia above the door.

A light dust coat is sprayed initially.

The paint reacts adversely if any contaminants remain on the surface and this dust coat will highlight any problem areas. After checking that the paint hasn’t reacted a further two full coats are sprayed. By making continuous linear passes across the door and overlapping by 50% on each pass the door is evenly covered.

Once the paint is dry a top class factory finish is achieved.

This garage door spraying blog post goes into more detail about our process. You can find more before and after photos of our UPVC spraying service here on our website and our Facebook page.

Spraying A UPVC Double Garage Door