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Spraying All The Exterior UPVC On A House In Tottington

Spraying All The Exterior UPVC On A House In Tottington

We were asked to quote for spraying all the exterior UPVC on a house in Tottington. It belongs to long standing customers for whom we have carried out a lot of interior work over the years.

Being a red bricked property it looked rather dated. The plan was to have it silicone rendered at the front with a grey slate feature wall breaking it up.

As the existing UPVC was dark brown it wouldn’t go with the new look and so the owners wanted everything spraying anthracite grey. This included all the windows, doors, 3 garage doors, soffits, barge boards, guttering, downspouts and soil pipe.

spraying all the exterior upvc on a house in tottington bury lancashire

exterior upvc spraying

exterior upvc sprayers in tottington

Spraying All The Exterior UPVC On A House In Tottington

Whilst the rendering was being done to the front we concentrated on the rear and sides. Starting with the guttering, soffits, bargeboards, downspouts and soil pipe.

All the old brown silicone was cut out. Then everything was meticulously cleaned using a solvent based cleaner, brushes, cloths and scotch pads. Once dry it was a case of masking up every surface that wasn’t going to be sprayed.

masking up prior to spraying exterior upvc

We used a 2 pack specialist coating in anthracite grey satin. This dries to a tough yet flexible coating that moves with the expansion and contraction of the plastic. It also contains UV protection against excessive fading.

A light dust coat is sprayed on initially to test whether any contaminants remain on the surfaces. If so then the paint will have an adverse reaction and ‘fish eyes’ will occur. Once dry without any reaction 2 further medium coats were applied.

The windows and doors were completed at the rear and then once the render had been finished all the front was sprayed. Extra care has to be taken to ensure that no overspray gets on the new render.  Practically every inch was masked up with polythene to prevent this happening.

I think you’ll agree that the end result is stunning.

spraying painting exterior upvc

spraying exterior upvc doors and windows

Once all the spraying had been completed all the frames were sealed with new colour matched silicone.

You can find more before and after photos of other UPVC spraying projects here on our website and Facebook page.

Spraying All The Exterior UPVC On A House In Tottington