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Spraying Composite Doors

Spraying Composite Doors

We spent a day last week over the Pennines spraying composite doors in Leeds and Bradford.

Three separate jobs had come in from composite door suppliers and/or fitters. In each case something had gone wrong and we were asked to rectify the problems.

The first job involved a Rosewood door that was only 3 years old but had faded badly.

spraying composite doors near me

The sun had really bleached the door plus the coating was peeling and flaking off. We started off by removing the door and laying it flat on a turntable. We removed the handles and letterbox and then gave it a thorough clean and sanding down. We then masked off the areas not being sprayed. We carried out the same procedure to the door frame and glass.

spraying composite door composite door spraying leeds

The door and frame were then given 3 coats of our industrial coating. The homeowners had gone for a complete colour change choosing British Standard 16-A-11

composite door sprayers painters

Once dry we removed the masking, re-fitted the handles and letterbox and then re-hung the door.

composite door spraying near me

The next two jobs were over in Bradford. In both cases the doors had been delivered/installed in the wrong colour. The first one was black when it should have been anthracite grey.

spraying composite door hoyle court road bradford

We carried out the same procedure as on the first door above.

The second door was white when it should have been Chartwell Green.

This is a great colour and one we are asked for regularly when spraying composite doors.

spraying composite door

Our specialist paint is an industrial strength 2 pack coating. Once fully cured it gives a very tough, durable and flexible finish. It also contains an additive providing UV protection. Available in satin or matt it leaves a flawless factory finish. We give a 10 year guarantee on it against peeling and flaking and 5 years against excessive fading.

If you have a faded composite door or simply fancy a change of colour contact us today for a FREE quote.