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Spraying Faded UPVC Fence Panels

Spraying Faded UPVC Fence Panels

We were asked to provide a quote for spraying faded UPVC fence panels at this house in Bury, Lancashire.

spraying faded upvc fence panels bury lancashire

The panels and posts are still in great condition but the brown colour has started to bleach out. The homeowners have just had some new grey brick edging built and wanted the fence panels to match. They ask if we can spray them anthracite grey which we could. Having agreed the price we set about transforming them.


The first stage in spraying faded UPVC fence panels is to thoroughly clean them. We brush off all the loose dirt, grime and cobwebs. Some of the overhanging bushes and shrubs behind the panels are trimmed back. The stones at the base of some of the panels are scraped back so that we can see the bottom edge of each panel. Using a strong preparatory solvent cleaner together with extra fine scotch pads and lint free cloths we go over all the surfaces making sure that every square inch is cleaned.


We mask up the bricks, paving slabs and fencing at the end.


We want to ensure that we only spray the fencing panels and nothing else.

Spraying Faded UPVC Fence Panels

We have our specialist UPVC paint mixed to anthracite grey RAL 7016. It is a very tough, durable and flexible coating. Thus, it copes with temperature fluctuations very well and contains UV protection against fading.

We hold Correx sheets behind the panels to prevent overspray hitting the shrubs. A light dust coat is sprayed to check that no contaminants remain on the plastic surfaces and then spray a further two coats to complete the process.

Allowing sufficient time for the paint to dry we then remove the masking.

spraying faded brown upvc fence panels anthracite grey

A final clean up completes the job. The customers are thrilled with the result especially as it saved them a fortune over replacing with new grey fence panels.

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Spraying Faded UPVC Fence Panels