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Spraying Garage Doors

Spraying Garage Doors

We offer a service spraying garage doors throughout Lancashire, Manchester and Cheshire.

Whether you have a UPVC, composite, metal or wooden garage door we can spray it. If it’s a roller shutter door, up and over, sliding or hinged door we can spray it.

The existing coating on your garage door may have failed in places so you are looking to have these areas repaired and the door sprayed the same colour. Not a problem.

The most common reason people are looking to have their garage doors sprayed is to change the colour.

We specialise in spraying garage doors in practically any colour. You can choose from the RAL and British Standard colour charts. We can also get our specialist coatings matched to colours from the likes of Farrow & Ball, Dulux….etc.

Preparation and masking

The key to achieving a long lasting factory finish begins with sound preparation. We start by brushing away all the cobwebs, dirt and grime from around the frame, edges, top, bottom and surface of the garage door.

spraying garage doors

It is then wiped over with a solvent based cleaner. This dries quickly. We can then start to scrape off all the loose and flaking areas and feather out the edges using our electric sander. On the awkward and hard to get at areas we sand by hand using sandpaper or flexible sanding pads. We then sand all the garage door to key the surface for the new coating.

The door is again wiped clean with the solvent cleaner to remove all dust residue. It is then ready for masking up. We cover the contents of the garage and the floor. The brick or stone work is masked up and if not spraying the frame this is masked off as well.


We choose which of our specialist spray coatings to use depending on the type of material the door is made from. All are tough, durable, flexible and contain UV protection against excessive fading.

Spraying allows us to achieve that factory finish you are looking for. Using continuous linear passes we spray a light dust coat on to the surface of the door. If we get any adverse reaction we know that there are some contaminants remaining and these areas are dealt with.

Once sorted we then spray a further 2 full coats leaving 30-45 minutes between coats.

garage door spraying service near me

After the final coat has dried we remove the masking and do a final clean.

You can find more before and after photos of other garage door spraying jobs we’ve done here on our website or Facebook page.