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Spraying Kitchen Cabinets In Burnley

Spraying Kitchen Cabinets In Burnley

After putting a search in Google for ‘Specialist Kitchen Cabinet Sprayers Near Me‘ this customer found our website. She was interested in a quote for spraying kitchen cabinets in Burnley.

Her kitchen was well made and in fantastic condition but she felt that it made the room look dark and closed it in.

spraying kitchen cabinets in burnley lancashire

Her aim was to have us spray them in a cream colour called Farrow’s Cream from the Farrow and Ball range. This would make the cabinets much lighter and help to open up the room.

As with all our kitchen spraying jobs we began by removing all the cupboard doors and drawer fronts. Everything gets numbered so that they are returned to the exact same positions.

The carcass was then fully cleaned and degreased with a specialist cleaner.


cleaning kitchen cabinets for spraying

Once cleaned and dried the surfaces were sanded using a combination of our electric dust free sander and fine scotch pads. A wipe over with methylated spirits and then tack cloths left the surfaces ready for priming.

electric dust free sanding

Prior to priming, the floor, worktops, tiles, walls and openings into the cupboards and drawers were masked off.


kitchen cabinet sprayers

After masking up the carcass was given two coats of our high adhesion primer with a light sanding between coats. Once the primer had dried the surfaces were lightly de-nibbed and wiped over with tack cloths again.

We had our top coats colour matched to the Farrow’s cream in a satin finish. Two coats were sprayed to give a high end factory finish.

The same preparation and spraying processes were carried out on the cupboard doors and drawer fronts in our workshop. Once fully dry they were returned for refitting.


kitchen cupboard spraying in burnley lancashire

kitchen cabinets spraying near me

You can find more before and after photos of other kitchen cabinet spraying projects we have completed here on our website and our Facebook page.

We have sample doors which we use to demonstrate the durability and quality of finish.

If you would like a FREE quotation for spraying kitchen cabinets in Burnley please contact us today.