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Spraying Kitchen Cupboards Hague Blue In Rossendale

Spraying Kitchen Cupboards Hague Blue In Rossendale

This blog post outlines a recent job spraying kitchen cupboards Hague Blue in Rossendale.

It is a colour from the Farrow and Ball range and is a stunning dark blue. Our customers in Helmshore chose it to give their dark wood kitchen a more modern feel.

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The cupboards are in great condition and the layout suits the homeowners requirements. However, the dark wood was starting to look somewhat dated and closed the room in. They had considered getting a new kitchen but to do so would have meant spending a small fortune. After seeing some of our work on Facebook they asked us to give them a quote for spraying it. Being given the go ahead we ordered our specialist kitchen spraying paint colour matched to Hague Blue.

On arrival on the first day we sketch out a plan of the kitchen and number each cupboard door and drawer front. This allows us to ensure that we return them to their original positions. We then remove all the doors and drawers and load them into our vans. They are taken to our workshop to be prepared and sprayed.

Cleaning & Masking

The carcass was then thoroughly cleaned and degreased using a specialist cleaning agent. All surfaces not being sprayed are then masked up. This includes walls, tiles, work tops, insides of cupboards/drawers and flooring.


The first coat of primer is the most important as this is the one that provides the adhesion for the whole system. This dries after about 30 minutes and is given a light sanding. The second coat is applied followed by two top coats. The top coat in this case was in a fantastic matt finish.

Once the final coat is dry all the masking is removed and a final clean up completes the carcass spraying.

The same process is carried out on the doors and drawers back in the workshop. They are given a couple of days to fully cure and then re-fitted. The photos below show the completed kitchen.

We are proud that this kitchen became a Trade Magazine Feature as a full page case study.

Spraying Kitchen Cupboards Hague Blue In Rossendale