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Spraying UPVC Doors And Windows In Lancaster

Spraying UPVC Doors And Windows In Lancaster

We completed this job spraying UPVC doors and windows in Lancaster recently.

The customer contacted us for a quotation and even though we weren’t the cheapest he chose us based on our previous work and reviews.

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We sprayed 13 golden oak windows, a set of patio doors, two sets of French doors, a small section of cladding and the panels on the hot tub in anthracite grey. The customer had already had a couple of windows replaced and was having all the wooden fascia boards and soffits replaced with anthracite grey plastic.

It was a 45 to 60 minute drive to get to the house each day but it was worth it for the views alone. Looking out over the Trough of Bowland it was a fantastic place to work and Darren the homeowner was a super person to work for.

The windows weren’t all that old and were in really good condition. It made perfect sense to have them sprayed rather than go to the expense of totally replacing them with new coloured units.

We carefully masked up each window and door taking particular care with the render. We wanted to ensure that no overspray hit the fresh white render coating.

We then cleaned all the surfaces to be sprayed with our solvent based cleaner designed for old UPVC. It is imperative that we remove all traces of dirt and grime especially when it is embedded in the grain.

Once clean we then began spraying the windows and doors with our specialist industrial strength coating. It is extremely tough once cured yet remains flexible. This enables it to cope with the expansion and contraction of the plastic with changes in the temperature.

Once sprayed we remove all the masking and re-seal around the frames with colour matched silicone.

pvc windows spray painters spray painting upvc windows anthracite grey

upvc french doors sprayed anthracite grey upvc painting spraying lancaster

spraying hot tub panels

We received an excellent review from the customer:

“Can’t recommend Fine Finish enough. Mark, Neil and Matthew were professional, courteous and did a first class job. We’ve had our windows sprayed and nobody, including us, can tell that they’re not brand new. Really was a first class job. I had 1 minor query which Mark travelled a round trip of 80 miles to sort. Nothing seemed too much trouble. I had some other tradesmen here at the same time as Fine Finish who all took Marks’ business cards with a view to having their properties freshened-up. 10/10, thanks guys.”

Spraying UPVC Doors And Windows In Lancaster