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Spraying UPVC Patio Doors

Spraying UPVC Patio Doors

I was asked by a customer in Holcombe Brook, Bury to quote for spraying UPVC patio doors.

spraying upvc patio doors

All the other doors and windows in the property were black and just this one set of doors remained white. Rather than go to the expense of replacing them with new doors they were interested in having them sprayed.

My price was accepted and probably saved the customer around 60% against the cost of buying new. I ask for a 25% deposit for this service to purchase the specialist paint and silicone.

The first job was to remove the handles and locks.

I then cut out the old silicone from around the frame.

All the surfaces to be painted were cleaned, abraded and then given a final clean with a solvent based product. The glass, surrounding masonry and opening into the room were then carefully masked off.

masking up upvc patio doors for spraying

The doors were then ready to be sprayed. A light dust coat is applied first to ensure that no contaminants remain on the UPVC. I then sprayed a medium coat on and this is left to ‘flash off’ for 6-7 minutes. A final medium coat is then sprayed to complete the transformation.

spraying white upvc patio doors black

You can see before and after photos of other UPVC spraying projects here on our website and our Facebook page.

Spraying UPVC Patio Doors