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Spraying UPVC Windows In Holcombe Brook

Spraying UPVC Windows In Holcombe Brook

I was asked to quote for spraying UPVC windows in Holcombe Brook, Bury. The homeowner had recently bought a new black UPVC front door and wanted the front 4 windows to match. Rather than replacing the existing windows with new he wanted to look at more cost effective options.

spraying upvc windows in holcombe brook

Although the windows were over 10 years old there was nothing wrong with them so having them sprayed made perfect sense.

Preparation is the key to obtaining a successful result and finish. I started by removing all the old silicone from around the frames as the special UPVC paint won’t stick to it. I removed the opening windows making it easier to clean them and mask up the opening into the rooms.

Spraying UPVC Windows In Holcombe Brook

upvc window spraying in bury

I cleaned the plastic surfaces and rubber gaskets using a solvent based cleaner. All traces of dirt and grime that had built up over the years were removed. I then lightly abraded the surfaces with fine Scotch pads and gave everything a final clean. The glass, openings into rooms and surrounding brickwork were carefully masked off.

upvc window spraying bury lancashire

The specialist upvc spray paint requires no primer. I sprayed a light dust coat on initially to ensure that no contaminants remain on the surfaces and then a medium coat. After allowing this to ‘flash off’ for 5-6 minutes I then sprayed a second medium coat.

spraying white upvc windows black

The paint dries extremely quickly. After just 10 minutes I was able to remove all the masking and put the opening windows back into place.

upvc window sprayers bury lancashire

The final job was to re-seal round the frames with colour matched silicone.

The transformation was complete and the customer extremely pleased with the result and the savings he made over replacing with new.

Spraying UPVC Windows In Holcombe Brook

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