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Spraying UPVC Windows In A Barn Conversion

Spraying UPVC Windows In A Barn Conversion

We recently completed this project spraying UPVC windows in a barn conversion in Hawkshaw, Bury.

spraying upvc windows in a barn conversion

There were 22 windows and a set of patio doors in Golden Oak and the customer wanted to change them to Anthracite Grey. He had been quoted in the region of £14,000 to replace them with new. Using our UPVC spraying service he got his desired result at an absolute fraction of the price.

specialist upvc sprayers near me

We started by cutting out all the existing silicone as the new UPVC paint won’t adhere to silicone. This proved quite difficult due to the fact that the gaps around the window frames contained huge strips of silicone.

The plastic frames were then thoroughly cleaned using specialist cleaners. Every nook and cranny of the surfaces has to be cleaned to ensure complete removal of the dirt and grime. Once cleaned and dried off the glass, areas around the frames and openings into rooms were masked off.

Spraying UPVC windows in a barn conversion

A light dust coat of the specialist UPVC paint is applied initially to check that no contaminants remain on the surfaces being sprayed. If contaminants remain on the surfaces the paint reacts and so you get what are called ‘fish eyes’ in the coating. If this happens you have to let the paint dry, sand back, clean again and re-spray. Once the dust coat has dried without any adverse reaction a further two medium coats were sprayed. A period of 5-10 minutes was left between coats.

Once fully dry (after just 10-15 minutes) all the masking was removed.

The final step in the process was to re-seal around all the frames with colour matched silicone.

As you can see from the final photos the transformation is amazing. The anthracite grey looks fantastic against the stone.

You can see more before and after photos of other UPVC spraying projects here on our website and also on our Facebook page.

Spraying UPVC Windows In A Barn Conversion