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Spraying UPVC Windows In Swinton

Spraying UPVC Windows In Swinton

We were asked to quote for spraying UPVC windows in Swinton, Manchester after the homeowners had seen our work on Facebook.

upvc windows spraying in manchester

They were replacing the front door, frame and small window to the side of the door with new in anthracite grey RAL7016. Even though they were around 10 years old the existing window frames and the glass were all in good condition. Rather than go to the considerable expense of replacing with new they asked us to spray them in anthracite grey.


We take great care over our preparation process. This stage is vital as it ensures that the coating will not fail.

Any old silicone is removed from around the frames. We then remove the opening windows so that we can clean them properly and get to all of the frame without hindrance. Using a strong preparatory solvent cleaner specifically for old UPVC we clean every inch of the surfaces to be sprayed. Particular care is given to the welds at the corners where dirt accumulates.

cleaning upvc windows in swinton manchester


Once all the surfaces are clean we mask up the glass, brickwork, openings into the rooms and the edges/backs of the opening windows.


We use a mobile compressor, hose and professional spray gun set-up to spray UPVC. The tip in the spray gun is chosen specifically to suit spraying of our specialist UPVC coating. A very light ‘dust coat’ is applied initially. This enables us to ascertain that the surfaces are completely free of any contaminants. If any residues remain on the plastic it will cause the paint to react. Once we are confident that no adverse reaction has occurred two further coats are applied.  The required drying time is allowed between coats.

Once the paint has dried the masking is removed, the opening windows refitted and the frames re-sealed with colour matched silicone. After a final clean up the job is complete.

upvc sprayers in swinton manchester

We also sprayed the garage door to match the windows. As you can see the transformation is fantastic.

You can see more of our UPVC spraying jobs in our website blog and on our Facebook page.

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Spraying UPVC Windows In Swinton