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Spraying UPVC Windows On A Static Park Home

Spraying UPVC Windows On A Static Park Home

We put a lot of our spraying work on local Facebook groups. We were contacted by a lady who had seen our posts about our UPVC spraying service. She was interested in a quote for spraying UPVC windows on a static park home.

Her terraced house had been sold and she had bought a static park home in Haslingden. As part of the complete gutting of the interior she wanted us to spray the interior of the brown UPVC windows. She also wanted to brighten up the exterior by having the dark brown UPVC frames sprayed.

spraying upvc windows on a static park home

We treated this job exactly the same as if we were spraying UPVC windows on a standard construction house.

spraying static caravan upvc windows

Initially we remove any silicone from around the frames. We then remove the opening windows so that we can clean both the opener and static frame much easier.

The surfaces of the plastic and rubber gaskets are thoroughly cleaned and degreased. This is followed by lightly abrading the plastic using extra fine scotch pads so that the plastic isn’t scratched.

The customer chose 2 colours from the Farrow and Ball range. Mouse’s Back for the exterior and Dimity for the interior. We have our specialist paints matched perfectly to these exact colours.

Spraying Interior UPVC Window Frames

spraying interior upvc windows on a static park home

Spraying the interior of the window frames really brightened up the inside of the home. The difference it made to the exterior was just as dramatic.

Spraying UPVC Windows On A Static Park Home

spraying exterior upvc windows on a static park home

In addition to the window frames we also sprayed the door frames and the pelmet. The customer was overjoyed with the end result and left us a fantastic review on our Fine Finish Free Index business page.

You can see more before and after photos from some of our other UPVC spraying projects here on our website and on our Facebook page.

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