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UPVC Spraying In Haslingden

UPVC Spraying In Haslingden

This is a great example of us UPVC spraying in Haslingden. As a result of seeing our work on Facebook we were asked to quote for spraying all the UPVC inside and out at this house. This included the rainwater goods, soil pipe, waste water pipes, fascia, soffits, windows, patio doors, front door and conservatory.

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The new homeowners were carrying out a complete modernisation both internally and externally. Inside the house the dark brown UPVC made all the rooms look dark and closed them in. Externally they were looking very dated.

spraying dark brown interior upvc windows white spraying upvc windows inside

To spray the UPVC windows inside we carry out the same process as we use outside. The opening windows were removed, cleaned, masked and sprayed flat on a turntable. Old silicone was removed from around the frames. They were then cleaned with a strong preparatory solvent cleaner specifically designed for using on old UPVC. The glass and the window surround were masked off. Four coats of our specialist UPVC coating in white matt were applied. Once dry the masking was removed and the opening windows refitted. Because the window surrounds were being emulsioned we re-sealed the frames with caulk.

Externally the old pebbledash was being removed and replaced with K Rend. So we recommended that this be done before we carried out our UPVC spraying in Haslingden. Once this had been completed we started our UPVC spraying working from top to bottom. We sprayed the gutters, fascia, downspouts, soil pipe, windows, patio doors, front door and conservatory in that order. Because we wanted to ensure that the new K Rend didn’t get any overspray on it we masked up it up fully.

UPVC Spraying In Haslingden

The customers wanted something different to the popular anthracite grey. So, they decided on a colour from the British Standard colour chart BS02A11. This looked fantastic against the new render.

As you can see the transformation is dramatic.

You can see more of our UPVC spraying work here on our blog and our Facebook page.

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