Kitchen Door Spraying Near You

There's a good chance that you have arrived here after searching Google for 'kitchen door spraying near me.' Well, if you live in Lancashire, Greater Manchester or Cheshire you've come to the right place.

We are a small family business specialising in spraying kitchen doors and cabinets.

Can You Get Kitchen Doors Sprayed?

The simple answer to that is "yes you can." We have been spraying kitchen doors and cabinets for over 3 years. We can give you a 'new look' kitchen at a fraction of the cost of replacing with new and without all the associated mess and disruption. If your kitchen doors and cabinets are in good condition and the layout works for you why replace it?  Have your kitchen sprayed and add new worktops, wall tiles, floor covering and new handles. The transformation is AMAZING!

Kitchen Door Spraying Process

On day 1 we arrive at your home and start by making a plan of your kitchen. We then remove all the doors and drawer fronts and number each item to correspond with the plan. This ensures that each piece goes back in exactly the same place.

We then mask up everything that is not being sprayed.

We mask up the opening into the cupboards and drawers, wall tiles, worktops, walls and floor. All the surfaces to be sprayed are then thoroughly cleaned and degreased. The carcass is then sprayed with 2 coats of high adhesion primer followed by 2 coats of lacquer.

This completes the spraying of the carcass. For most kitchens we finish it in the 1 day meaning that the disruption in the home is kept to a minimum.

The paint is touch dry after just 15-20 minutes however it is still soft underneath and takes 2-3 days to fully cure. You can use your kitchen as normal but just with a bit of extra care.

Over the next 3-5 days we work on your kitchen cabinet doors and drawers in our workshop. They are given the same cleaning and degreasing process.

Dirt and grease can build up over the years on doors and drawers and so this can be quite a lengthy process.

Once they are completely clean we carry out the same spraying process as we gave the carcass.

2 coats of high adhesion primer followed by 2 coats of lacquer. They are then stored in our drying room to fully cure.

2-3 days later we return to re-fit the doors and drawers.

This kitchen was sprayed with our specialist coatings colour matched to Farrow & Ball 'Duck Green' in a classy matt finish.


We can spray your kitchen doors in practically any colour. You can choose colours from both the RAL or British Standard charts. We can colour match to colours from most of the main paint manufacturers such as Dulux, Crown, Johnstones, Valspar etc. 90% of the colours we spray are chosen from the Farrow & Ball colour range. We spray either a matt finish (10-15% sheen) or a satin finish (25-30% sheen). The most popular finish is matt. They are both tough, durable coatings that can be songed/wiped down.

Farrow & Ball Hague Blue

Little  Greene


Farrow & Ball Pavilion Grey

& Plummett


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