If you've been doing a Google search for 'UPVC window spraying near me' and you live in Lancashire, Greater Manchester or Cheshire then you've arrived at the right place.

We are your local UPVC window sprayers.

We are a small family business consisting of Mark the owner, his son Matthew and brother Neil.

We have been spraying UPVC windows for over 3 years. We use only the best quality materials and our UPVC paint is an industrial strength coating.

We offer a 10 year guarantee against peeling, cracking and flaking and 5 years against excessive fading.

UPVC Window Spraying Process

We have developed our UPVC window spraying process over the past 3 years and now have it down to a fine art. Thorough cleaning and preparation is the key.

Each window is thoroughly cleaned of all dirt and debris.

We use a strong solvent based cleaner and fine scotch pads to clean the surfaces and provide a key for the paint but without scratching the plastic.

All areas not being sprayed are then masked up. We mask the glass, brick, stone or render and cover any rooves, paths, plants or furniture.

We spray a light dust coat of our UPVC coating initially. This will tell us if there are any contaminants remaining on the surface.

We then spray 2 to 4  full coats depending on the existing colour of the windows and/or the new colour. For example spraying dark rosewood windows white will require more coats.

When the final coat has dried we remove all the masking tape and clean the glass.

If the opening windows have been removed we re-fit them. We then replace all the old sealant with new colour matched silicone.

UPVC Window Spraying Colours

By using our UPVC window spraying service you are not restricted to the limited range of colours offered by the window manufacturers/fitters. We can spray pretty much any colour you like. We do all the popular colours such as anthracite grey, black, Chartwell Green and cream however we have done different shades of blue, green and colours from the Farrow & Ball range.

In addition to UPVC windows we spray conservatories, patio doors, bifold doors, fascia, cladding and composite doors. We have also sprayed the windows on static caravans.

All of our jobs are different and are priced accordingly. However, to give you an idea we would charge around £150 + vat to spray a standard sized UPVC window. A large bay window would be in the region of £300 + vat.